[edit] Introduction

Pierogi is a universal infra-red control application for Fremantle written in Qt.

Version 1.0.0 of Pierogi is now available in the Extras repository.

More information on the package can be found...

Pierogi Website

talk.maemo.org Pierogi

Pierogi Package Page


[edit] Installation

Version 1.0.0 of Pierogi can be downloaded from here:

Extras directory listing

The latest versions can be found in the Devel repository and can be installed using the N900 Application Manager (HAM).

[edit] Operation

For general operating instructions please read Pierogi Website

[edit] Filter By Device

"Why does the filter by device, not bring up a compatible keyset"

The filter by device feature is to try and utilize the compatible device data I've been slowly feeding in to Pierogi. It's going to take some time to build up a real database of what devices work with what keysets.

A list of the devices currently supported by Pierogi can be found on Pierogi Device Compatibility List Wiki

This is the data Pierogi uses to filter the keysets.

If you have a supported device, and don't see it on the list, please do go ahead and edit the Device Compatibility Wiki using the link above.

If you can't find your device in 'Filter by Device', please use 'Filter by Name' to find a compatible keyset.

[edit] Non-Audio/Visual Keysets

Non A/V information is for Pierogi pre-version 1.1.0

At the moment there are a few keysets in Pierogi that are provided to control infra-red equipment other than Audio/Visual. Due to the way Pierogi keysets are laid out, these buttons my have functions other than there label description. A list of key mappings are:-

[edit] Current Mapping of Air-Con Keysets


  • "TIMER" -> Timer button
  • "SLEEP" -> Sleep button
  • "TEMP+" -> Volume Up button
  • "TEMP-" -> Volume Down button
  • "FAN" -> 1 button
  • "COOL" -> 2 button
  • "HEAT" -> 3 button
  • "FAN HIGH" -> 4 button
  • "FAN MED" -> 5 button
  • "FAN LOW" -> 6 button
  • "SWING" -> 7 button
  • "POWER" -> Power button


  • "power" -> Power key
  • "Fan Faster" -> Volume Up key
  • "Fan Slower" -> Volume Down key
  • "Temp/Timer+" -> Channel Up key
  • "Temp/Timer-" -> Channel Down key
  • "Energy Save" -> Green key
  • "Cool" -> Blue key
  • "Fan" -> Yellow key
  • "Timer" -> Sleep key
  • "Auto/Cool" -> Info key

[edit] Camera

Canon RC-1/RC-5/RC-6

  • Open shutter immediately -> Volume Down
  • Open shutter after delay -> Volume Up


  • "Zoom In" -> Up
  • "Zoom Out" -> Down
  • "Right" -> Right
  • Left" -> Left
  • "Snap" -> Select
  • "Multi" -> Menu
  • "Magnify" -> Guide
  • "Display" -> DiscMenu

[edit] Bugs

When people find a keyset that works with their device. I would like to know

  • Do all the buttons work?
  • Are there missing buttons?
  • Are there buttons swapped around?

I'd love to hear about it when a keyset does not perform as expected.

talk.maemo.org Pierogi


There are some people experiencing "range" issues with certain keysets. A new wiki page has been setup to collect data to solve the issue.


[edit] Keysets and Devices

A list of some of the devices currently supported by Pierogi can be found on this page:

Pierogi Device Compatibility List

If you have a supported device, and don't see it on the list, please do go ahead and edit the Wiki to add it!

[edit] Requesting New Keysets

Pierogi's collection of keysets, while growing, is still far from complete.

If you have a device you would like to see supported by Pierogi, the easiest way to do so would be to add it to the 'New Keyset Requests' part of the Device Compatibility List.

You may also post a message containing the request on talk.maemo.org Pierogi Thread

[edit] Versions/Change Log

[edit] 1.1 (For a Few Pierogis More)

1.1.24 (Current Devel)

  • Added "Remote Flash" feature to Camera panel, allowing you to strobe the N900's flash LEDs in sync with the "open shutter" command to the remote camera.
  • Made a first pass at keysets for Insignia.


  • Quick fix for an uninitialized variable causing havoc.


  • Fixed a nasty bug causing favorite keysets to be forgotten.
  • Pushed all QSettings setValue calls to the end of the program, significantly improving performance.
  • Made a first pass at keysets for Comag, OpenBox, SilverCrest, and Xoro.
  • Added several Sanyo projector keysets.


  • The favorites manager now remembers the most recent panel collection used with a given favorite. However, performance is taking a hit; may need to back this change out...
  • Continuing to work on fixes for a new protocol for Strong.
  • Added a keyset and panel for Sony Playstation 2/3.


  • Just a quick update to get some keysets out of the way -- a Mitsubishi projector, several BenQ projectors, and a lot of cleanup of the Samsung TV Keysets.


  • Made a first pass at keysets for Dune, MT-Logic, and Venturer, and significant fixes to the Epson keysets.


  • Added an experimental keyset for Creative / Cambridge speaker systems.


  • First attempt at a "stateful" air conditioner remote. I'm making it available for testing. The keyset is "Samsung Air Conditioner 2", and two new panels have been added to the air conditioner set.
  • Fixed a protocol bug for a Strong keyset.


  • Promoted the "power key search" up to the menu bar; this is intended to make it one of the primary mechanisms used to find a keyset.
  • Made a first pass at keysets for Alpine, ILO, SagemCom, and Starhub; added new keysets to Strong and Technics.


  • Added a new "Advanced Settings" panel, allowing control over carrier frequency and duty cycle values.
  • Added a few more buttons to "input" panel, and put the "input" panel back on into the TV collection. The "adjust" panel was moved down into the Video Media collection. (I'm still trying to tweak these collections...)
  • Made a first pass at keysets for Medi@link, Multichoice, and NEC, and added new keysets to ADB, LG, Mitsubishi, and Pioneer.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed keysets to be deleted while a command was still running (causing all sorts of havoc). This might improve macro behavior.
  • Made a first pass at keysets for Changhong, Frontech, and Sinotec, added a new Thomson keyset, and made a few fixes to ADB (I-Can).


  • Found a new source of (possibly unreliable) keysets! Made a first pass at keysets for Crown Mustang, Hantarex, Keymat, Konka, and Wiwa.
  • Also added more keysets to ADB (I-Can), Sony, and Triax. Hopefully more to come...
  • Made small fixes to the macros UI, and improved the cleanup of threads when Pierogi exits. Also made small fixes to a Cisco keyset and to LG timing.


  • Pushing up an initial implementation of Macros. For now, they don't do much, they don't work terribly well, and they are thoroughly undocumented, but at least they exist. :)
  • Updates to keysets for Creative, Grundig, and RCA, and a bugfix to the RCA protocol.


  • A handful of fixes and updates for the Power Search form
  • Some button interactions fixed (thanks sixwheeledbeast)
  • Pioneer protocol sped up a bit, and an "edit keyset" button added to the panel.
  • Removed the Triax testing keyset, it didn't work.
  • First pass at keysets for Creative and Crown.


  • Adding one more Triax keyset for testing.


  • Removing the buggy Deutche Telekom keyset/protocol!
  • Added an automatic scan / pause feature to the "search for power button" panel.


  • A first attempt at the long-asked-for "search for power button" function. Getting this in required more work on the memory management side of Pierogi, so beware of possible new subtle bugs...
  • A new Camera Shutter panel has been added, for remote controls used with DSLR cameras.
  • First pass at keysets for Deutsche Telekom, Emtec, Goodmans, Nikon, Olympus,and Pentax.
  • Updated Canon keyset to use the new camera panel.


  • A quick update to add a "show only favorites" button to the Select Keyset window. Hopefully this will make managing favorites easier. Also, renamed a variety of phrases to make them less misleading.
  • Added a keyset and a panel for the iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner.


  • A big change this time: the move to support true per-keyset editable config data. All favorites data has been moved into the keyset configs, and nicknames have been added. The favorites are now accessed with a pop-up menu.
  • A new "audio" panel has been added.
  • First pass at keysets for ADB (I-Can), Anitech, Blaupunkt, Lifetec, Medion, Sylvania, Triax, and Viewsonic.
  • Many updates to existing keysets, too numerous to mention; mostly to support new audio panel buttons.


  • The big change in this update is a move back to real tabbed windows.
  • I've finally figured out how to quickly customize the tab bar.
  • First pass at keysets for Cisco, Gadmei, Loewe, Onkyo, Orion, Proview, Strong, Technisat, and Telefunken.
  • New keysets added for Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, and Zenith.


  • Added the ability to search the keyset and device lists using the keyboard.
  • Added a "default keyset" to the preferences page; so far, the only thing you can do with the default is use it for the volume control keys.
  • Fixed a bug in the Digital Stream keyset.
  • Added a Grundig satellite receiver keyset and a Daewoo TV keyset.
  • First pass at keyset for Lexuz.


  • Started work on an actual preferences window!
  • Pierogi now remembers your panel selections from your previous session.
  • All six permutations of the Directv protocol now supported.
  • First pass at keysets for BenQ, Octagon, Xcruiser


  • First pass at keysets for Dream Multimedia, Genius, Magnum, Telenet, and Thomson.


  • The Record button returns to Pierogi via a new "Program/Record" panel
  • Several fixes for Select Keyset by Device window (thanks sixwheeledbeast!)
  • First pass at keysets for Compro, Kaon, and QNAP


  • GUI changed - "panels" instead of "tabs", new navigation controls.
  • New window added for selecting keysets by device. "Device" filter removed from select keyset by name window.
  • New Air Conditioner control panel added.
  • New keysets added to Foxtel, Logitech, Sony, Western Digital.
  • First pass at keysets for AOC, Arcam, Dell, Dick Smith Electronics, Dynex, Harman Kardon, Kathrein, Starsat, Viewsat.
  • With the hope of extending the N900's range a bit, I'm setting all protocols to use a duty cycle of 50%, regardless of what the documentation says they should use. I hope this won't cause any problems.
  • New versioning scheme -- new version name comes at the start of new work, rather than at the end.

[edit] 1.0 (A Fistful of Pierogis)

1.0.0 (Current Extras) (Current Testing)

  • Pierogi appears fairly stable and useful at this point. So, I will declare it to have now reached version "1.0", before starting any radical changes to the gui.
  • First pass at a keyset for Hyundai.

[edit] 0.6 (Initial Development)


  • Fix for a nasty bug with the volume-rocker keys. (thanks sixwheeledbeast!)
  • First pass at keysets for Foxtel, NAD, and Universum.


  • Fixed several GUI issues (thanks to sombragris and sixwheeledbeast for discovering them)


  • Added Panasonic "SA-AK25" as Audio Keyset 2
  • Made a first pass at keysets for Bush, Canon, Epson, Humax, Technics, and United


  • Finally, some work to improve memory management, although much remains to be done.
  • Fixed a subtle bug in the Sky protocol.
  • Made a first pass at keysets for HP and Motorola.


  • First pass at keysets for Huawei, Onida, Vestel, Virgin Media, and Vizio.
  • Added a Sharp Air Conditioner keyset


  • I've finally cracked the DirecTV protocol; an initial keyset is now available!
  • Added A/C keysets for LG and Panasonic, a Samsung SMT-1100T keyset, and a Bose 3-2-1 keyset.
  • Added a donations link to the "About" menu, for those feeling generous. :) Thank you in advance.


  • A few more keyset added: Beko, Cambridge, Haier, and Kenwood.


  • Added a Hildon Banner to report what the keyset has changed to when you use the volume rocker
  • Fixed several GUI button bugs (thanks to sixwheeledbeast for finding them)
  • Made a first pass at keysets for Dish, Fortec Star, and Homecast


  • Mapped the volume rocker to move between favorite keysets
  • Added new keysets for Digital Stream and Emerson
  • Added one new keyset to Admiral, cleaned up Philips a bit


  • Fixed an embarrasing bug in the LG keysets
  • Added a few more Daewoo keysets
  • Make a first pass at keysets for Sky, Western Digital, and Saba


  • Moved Mute button to main tab, brought Picture Mode and Sound Mode back up to utility tab
  • Added keysets for Admiral, Daewoo, Grundig, Logitech, Philco, Roku, and Topfield
  • Added several new protocols, including one that LG uses.


  • My first candidate for Extras-Testing, so up to version 0.6
  • Fixed some bugs in Toshiba keysets
  • Added MCE (Media Center Edition) remote keysets

[edit] 0.5 ("Half-way")


  • Another "final" fix for the uninstall problem, this time for sure.
  • Completely revamped Panasonic protocol, needs testing
  • Created Bose keysets, added more Aiwa keysets


  • Finally, got a fix for the uninstall problem!
  • Some general internal cleanup.
  • Keysets for Acer, Aiwa.


  • Updated UI with new window, moved tabs around. Revamped back-end keyset system, added Pioneer, lots of changes. Also, yet another attempt at pierogi.sudoers.


  • Somewhat extended and improved UI, some backend improvements, I'm labeling this as now "half-way usable", thus version 0.5

[edit] 0.1 (Initial Releases)


  • Finally put together RC6 codepath, and created a Philips keyset. Still not tested, though! Also, some general cleanup work on protocol classes.


  • Still having installation problems! For now, I'm just giving up on the postrm script; for now, users will have to live with the extra file when uninstalling.


  • Fixed a design flaw allowing user to queue up unlimited number of commands.


  • I think uninstall is working now. So, Initial Release time!


  • Found bug in uninstall, hope third patch is the charm!


  • Still trying to create initial release


  • Still trying to create initial release


  • Initial Release.