Potential Android successor

The idea is: take some Android device, use libhybris (or maybe use the mainline once the Android stuff gets upstream), run some real Linux here.

Touch: C - capacitive, R - resistive. IR emitter - just like the one on N900, to remote control your TV :) Not mean IrDA here in any way. Price - of a new device.

Legend:     - great,     - not so good, but live with it,     no go  ?  Not checked, needs to be added,     - missing, but it's not an issue.
Device HW KBD Screen Resolution Touch (R/C) IR emitter NFC LTE GPS Photo shooting Video rec FM Transmitter Price Picture

Sony Xperia Pro OK 3.7" 854x480 C  ? N  ? Y 8.1 Mpx 720p  ?  ? [1]