This is a HOWTO for setting up SSH tunneling between PresenceVNC and x11vnc server. For more general usage instructions, see the PresenceVNC Home Page.


[edit] Step 1 (setting up)

Install an SSH-server and x11vnc on your home computer and an SSH-client on your N900. If you have a router you need to port forward port 22. Normaly you can login on the router using your browser. Just write the adress "" in the address field. You also need to allow port 22 on your firewall (I used Firestarter for that).

[edit] Setting up SSH

To make a SSH connection you first need to make an ssh-key. So on your home computer write:

ssh-keygen -t dsa

Put the files in "/home/<user>/.ssh/". Change "<user>" to the one on your home computer. One will be named "id_dsa" and the other "". You will probably have to make the folder "/home/user/.ssh/" on your N900.

mkdir /home/user/.ssh/ 

Then just move there (I used Dropn900).

You could test your connection from your N900 with

ssh user@ip-number
  • On my Ubuntu machine I installed OpenSSH-server and x11vnc. Opened the port 22 on my firewall and router.
  • On my N900 I installed OpenSSH-client and Presencevnc

[edit] Step 2 (logging in)

Open the X-terminal on your N900 and write:

ssh -C -L 5900:localhost:5900 user@ip-number

Write your home computers password when it is asking. It is not necessary to use "-C" but I recommend it. It will compress the stream and make it go smoother on a 3G connection. The "user" is the user and "ip-number" the ip-number of your home computer. You could use a dynamic ip-number provider.. like

Now you have connected your home computers port 5900 to the N900 port 5900. This is also known as "tunneling". And are currently logged in on your home computer.

Now you need to start the vnc-server:

x11vnc -ncache 10 -display :0

[edit] Step 3

Now when you have finished the above it is not much left.. Open Presencevnc on your N900 and write:


Done! You can now see and use your home computer ;)