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Add Qt5 thumb repo

[edit] Use Qt5 to build apps


#not endless bandwidth, so use with care or offer mirror:
echo "deb http://repos.fuhlbrueck.net/qt5-maemo5 fremantle main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
#there is now a mirror under: http://marmistrz.comli.com/repository/qt5-maemo5
#libXc11-xcb1 is not optified, but tiny
fakeroot apt-get install qt5-base-dev qt5-declarative-dev qt5-maemo5-dev
#install other parts as needed, see Qt5-Maemo5/WhatWorks
#convenience, otherwise call /opt/qt5/bin/qmake directly
ln -s /opt/qt5/bin/qmake /usr/bin/qmake-qt5

Build your project:

cd /your/project

Please report results in the second table at Qt5-Maemo5/WhatWorks or discuss them in the related TMO thread.

[edit] Testing Qt5 on the N900

sudo gainroot
echo "deb http://repos.fuhlbrueck.net/qt5-maemo5 fremantle main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
#mirror under http://marmistrz.comli.com/repository/qt5-maemo5
apt-get install qt5-base qt5-declarative qt5-maemo5
#some examples available e.g.
apt-get install trojita-tp
# some simple examples and flatboat
# see http://repos.fuhlbrueck.net/qt5-maemo5-examples/
# some of them don't work under Qt5.2 because qreal is now double on ARM
wget http://repos.fuhlbrueck.net/qt5-maemo5-examples/EXAMPLE
chmod 755 EXAMPLE
#don't be confused, if it shows some debug output