[edit] Available Parts

Parts currently available in http://repos.fuhlbrueck.net/qt5-maemo5

Part modified (vs. vanilla Qt5) problems
qtbase YES
qtdeclarative YES Text item bug
qtmaemo5 NEW, ported from Qt4
qtwebkit NO none, maybe slow?
qtmultimedia NO none, but only audio tested
qtjsbackend NO
qtsvg NO
qttools NO
qtquickcontrols NO (but likely in the future) somwhat slow with gtk styles
ubuntu-ui-toolkit YES (faked Unity.Actions) none

[edit] Apps/Examples

Application/Example Source Modifications needed Result
mousearea and others qtdeclarative/examples none works
flatboat http://repos.fuhlbrueck.net/qt5-maemo5-examples/ (https://gitlab.com/flatboat) none slower than Qt4 version (uses QQuickPaintedItem, with scenegraph likely faster)
hildon-qt-components https://github.com/qwazix/hildon-qt-components compiles after porting to Qt5 if rotation, battery etc. are commented out (missing mobility features) loading the plugin not yet tested
Ubuntu Components (incl. calculator example and gallary) https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/+archive/ppa/+files/ubuntu-ui-toolkit_0.1.46%2B13.10.20130726.1bzr660saucy0.orig.tar.gz compiles unmodified, but some qml files modified to remove dependency on unity actions works incl. jokes (QtMultimedia) example (slightly modified)
cutetube-qml http://repository.maemo.org/extras/pool/fremantle/free/source/q/qmltube/qmltube_1.3.2.tar.gz Qml application viewer changed to QtQuick2 pendant builds and runs, but is ugly and unusable (Theming seems to be broken)
SlateKit Shell https://github.com/penk/SlateKit/tree/master/Shell none builds and runs, but is quite slow