The Qt Quick Components project provides a set of QML components to build user interfaces. These components allow interfaces to accept user input and provide feedback indicators.


[edit] Abstract

This efford adds a new set of components to the already available ones for Symbian and MeeGo platforms, located at its own namespace.

import org.maemo.fremantle 1.0  // for Core components
import org.maemo.extras    1.0  // for Extras components

Right now, look and feel match the one you could find in a Harmattan device. Required support to let designers implement a QtComponents theme with Fremantle look and feel is an ongoing task. See /ThemeHowto for details

[edit] Scope

Available packages are compatible with Qt libs from PR1.3 firmware. This implies that QtComponents are only compatible with QtQuick 1.0 language set. For improvements on this area see /RoadMap.

[edit] Installation

There's available an external repository with required packages. To install this catalog, point your N900 browser to [this page] and a Maemo5 repo catalog will be downloaded and installed into your phone. After that, Go to Application Manager and install qt-components-10-examples. This will install required packages to get QtComponents up and running.

QtComponents replaces internally meegotouch input context support with the one provided by Maliit. I encourage you to test it. To get VKB support, go again to Application Manager and select nemo-keyboard package.

[edit] Usage

See /Miniature or /Butaca to know typical required changes to get a Harmattan app running onto Maemo5.

[edit] Videos

See [Kirumedia Vimeo channel] for latest videos

[edit] Get involved

There's a lot of task on which you could help to improve this package. Just take one. Everyone is welcomed.

IDSeverityPassigneeStatusResolutionSummary (3 tasks)
12540criticalHighRESOLVEDWONTFIXSegfault for ProgressBar component when running with opengl graphicssystem
12405majorHighRESOLVEDFIXED[CORE] Toolbar layout only covers minimal set of configurations
12406majorHighRESOLVEDFIXED[EXTRAS] InfoBanner is missing

[edit] Backlog

IDSeverityPassigneeStatusResolutionSummary (7 tasks)
12402minorLowNEW[CORE] Preedit text doesn't work
12407enhancementMediumNEW[GENERAL] Make QtComponents Theme friendly
12636minorUnspecifiedNEWSupport com.nokia.extras 1.1 and com.nokia.meego 1.1
12509majorUnspecifiedUNCONFIRMEDdefault components display text not ok in portrait mode
12634majorUnspecifiedUNCONFIRMEDSegmentation fault while minimizing
12635minorUnspecifiedUNCONFIRMEDicon-s-status-unknown isn't present
12643majorUnspecifiedUNCONFIRMEDBlacklisting of apps using com.nokia.meego namespace doesn't work

[edit] Easyfix (suited for newcomers)

enhancementMediumNEW[GENERAL] Make QtComponents Theme friendly

[edit] Contact us

Feedback is welcomed!

[edit] Thanks

Manuel Sardá from [Kirumedia] for video editing.