Qt Maemo backported4.6Commits

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[edit] Qt 4.6 Commits backported to Maemo Qt 4.5

This page exists, to make more visible the commits backported to the maemo Qt 4.5 branch.

[edit] commit ee9364a30b8562b9eb8444c25288869cf0a7ba8f

Author: Denis Dzyubenko <denis.dzyubenko@nokia.com> Date: Mon Jun 15 11:19:55 2009 +0200

   We should make sure the text cursor is visible when using input methods.

   When typing directly text cursor is always visible (and if it isn't,
   the widget automatically scrolls to make it visible). It should work
   the same when typing using input methods.

[edit] commit 0565a98dda69fee09aee83e36655c9a9f4c90c56

Author: Antonio Aloisio <antonio.aloisio@gmail.com> Date: Thu Jul 2 12:43:25 2009 +0300

   Adapting 'Implemented the NET_WM_SYNC protocol on X11.' to Qt 4.5
   Author: Denis Dzyubenko <denis.dzyubenko@nokia.com>
   commit 2312b121131774a84d01854b3e47d3d2a035a6a1

[edit] commit 1bf86e118a168c9aa6bed95bbe4b095f36e4a3cb

Author: Denis Dzyubenko <denis.dzyubenko@nokia.com> Date: Thu May 28 15:03:40 2009 +0200

   Polished aboutQt dialog a little bit.

   Splitted text in the AboutQt dialog into several chunks to make use of
   advanced qmessagebox text fields