Remote desktop

A remote desktop allows one to perform remote computing using graphical applications which run on the server, but are viewed from a client. Although the precise features differ per implementation the common advantages include

  • Saving CPU/RAM/network resources on client
  • Roaming
    • 24/7 availability
    • Session management, such as detaching/(re)attaching or 'shadowing' of session
    • Client agnostic, allowing client to be turned off
  • Remote assistance
  • Running non-native software

Remote desktop is used by in many market segments, from home user to enterprise.

In our use-case the client will be Nokia N900 (may also work with previous hardware/software). Currently, on Maemo, remote desktop software requires using a stylus.

The available options for Nokia N900/Maemo 5 are as follow


[edit] VNC

VNC (Virtual Network Connection) is a cross-platform protocol traditionally used for remote desktop over LANs and other low-latency, high-bandwidth networks. In order to use it over consumer-grade broadband or GPRS workarounds are necessary.

VNC Viewer for Maemo5 is available in Fremantle/Extras.

[edit] RDP

rdesktop-cli and rdesktop are working on the N900. See this thread for details:

rdesktop-cli is a command line tool. On the other hand rdesktop can be used both as a command line tool and a GUI tool.

[edit] NX

Fixme qtnx?

[edit] x2go

A fork of NX. x2go Maemo client for Diablo

[edit] X11

SSH X11 forwarding allows you to run applications on a remote computer running an X11 server and have them displayed on a local X11 client, using the SSH protocol to keep the connection secure. For the purposes of Maemo devices, this allows you to connect to your Linux machine from your N900, run any X11 application on your Linux machine, and have it forward the display and keyboard/mouse capture to your N900.

You will need to have installed an ssh client on your N900 to do this.

The below assumes you are connecting to a Linux PC called 'host', with a user account 'user'. Note that the PC will need to have X11 Forwarding enabled in its sshd configuration file. This file can usually be found in /etc/ssh/; consult your SSH documentation on how to enable this feature if the instructions below return an error.

Open an xterminal on your N900 and type:

~$ ssh -X user@host

Answer the password prompt:

user@host's password:

You now have a CLI prompt from which you can launch any X11 applications on your Linux machine and have them displayed on your N900.