This is a simple page to track of known issues and improvements requested:

  • ISSUE: The SMSCON package does not have an icon.
  Solution: place an icon (48x48) on the root folder of the files you are building to have the icon generated.
  • FEATURE: Add authorisation for SSH with public key.
  more info:
  Allowing to start (remotely) reverse ssh is great option, but, AFAIK, now it works only with ssh connection with password authentication. could You, please, implement authorisation via public key - preferably, located @ configurable (from SMSCON editor) path?
  The idea is, to create special private/public key part, only for using it with SMSCON. normally, sane usage of public key authentication on mobile device require locking it with password - so, no way to use it remotely, as there is no one on the device to write password - but, special pubkey without password just for SMSCON (thus, creating connection with limited access), would be nice to have.
  • FEATURE: Make the "battery info" SMS to send it only when below a threshold level configurable by the user. At the moment, SMSs are sent whenever it drops one bar or the phone is rebooted.
  • FEATURE: Remove the "slide keyboard" message or make it sent only when smscon gets activated.
  • FEATURE: Take the front camera picture when the keyboard gets slided (to increase the chances of capturing the face of the user).