Standard WebOS apps

[edit] How to set up the environment

1. Download WebOS Doctor for Pre. (WebOS version 1.4.5) link 2. Now you'll have to go through a lot of unpacking. The WebOS image is in


its name is


3. You need to unpack at least the ./usr/palm directory for this. Unpack it anywhere you want. 4. Copy the palm directory onto your N900. I had executable MyDocs. 5. I moved the files to /home/user/palm (so the applications subfolder is /home/user/palm/applications). I'll assume they're there later. 6.

sudo ln -s /home/user/palm /usr/palm

You may want to do this too:

sudo ln -s /home/user/lib/luna /usr/lib/luna

7. Apply this patch: link to /usr/palm/frameworks/mojo/submissions/347/javascript/framework.js

patch framework.js -i framework.js.patch -o
mv framework.js framework.js.old
mv framework.js
[edit] =========================

There are other steps to make the app run.

These require editing the index.html file to load the sources.json.

You need to add this line after all the script and css calls

<script type="text/javascript"> Mojo.loadApplicationSources() </script>