[edit] Installing Stargus on Nokia N900

  1. Copy INSTALL.EXE from the original Starcraft I CD to phone directory /home/user/MyDocs/Starcraft (Connect phone to computer in mass storage mode and copy files to Starcraft directory). Note: Broodwar does not work
  2. Install Stargus from Hildon Application Manager or via apt-get
  3. During Stargus installation, data files from /home/user/MyDocs/Starcraft will be automatically extracted. Note that this process may take 15-30 minutes and the installer may not respond during this time.
  4. After installation, Stargus can be run from the application menu.

See the thread for discussion.

[edit] Installing Stargus on Nokia N800 (Diablo)

  1. Download Stargus: Linux - Windows
  2. Put your Starcraft CD in.
  3. Install Stargus and when you are asked, select the CD-Rom drive.
  4. Exit Stargus and go to the directory where Stargus was installed (C:\Program Files\Stargus)
  5. Copy the CONTENT of the Data directory to your memory card to media\mmc1\games\stratagus\stargus
  6. Next you have to download this file: Stratagus deb file
  7. Copy this file to the root directory of your external memory card
  8. running the .deb from the file manager should work
  9. otherwise, Open X-Terminal and type in the following as root, pressing enter after each line:
cd ..
cd ..
cd media/mmc1/
dpkg -i stratagus-0.1-4_armel.deb

Once installed, the shortcut created in the application menu will not work, use this code in X-terminal instead:

stratagus -v 2 -d /media/mmc1/games/stratagus/stargus


  1. Be very careful with your spelling of stratagus/stargus, it will save you a lot of frustration. Copy-and-pasting into X-term is preferable.
  2. You may see an error stating that preferences.lua cannot be loaded or found. ignore this. Stargus should still start and after editing settings you won't see that message again.
  3. Stargus may not initially start in full screen. but this is okay, you simply need to goto settings within stargus and tick "full screen." don't change the display size.
  4. You can create a custom shortcut, using the X-term code above, in the wonderful application Personal Menu by Andrew Olmsted

[edit] Acknowledgements

  • Credit goes to linman who has ported Stratagus for Maemo and the Stargus team.
  • Stargus project page