Talk:Bluetooth PBAP pre 0.46

Hallo Community,

today i install the the bluetooth PBAP. Now i want you to report about the funktion between my Nokia N900 and my Audi A3 (Model 2009) with Radio MSI plus. My phone-book has been transfered automatically to my carkit and i can see all of my Phone-book-entries. Furthermore and i can see the missing-calls, incoming-calls and the outgoing-calls. But i can't start an outgoing-call from the carkit! One of you knows this error? Greetings Sven (from Germany) 2010.11.10

[edit] with nokia BT kit HS510

works perfect, thank you!!!

[edit] Kenwood KDC-BT60U works for me

with libopenobex2_1.5 and obexd2_0.35-0maemo1 Thank you very much