The discussion is approaching this from the wrong point with "keep" and "switch". Moblin seems to be providing the base OS, and Maemo the base UI. Therefore it's Moblin that is being asked to "switch" to deb. --Jaffa 17:49, 16 February 2010 (UTC)

[edit] Discussion of the individual arguments

  1. Maemo has the bigger community
Versus? Moblin? Don't tell that to Intel.
take a look at the numbers, rhetoric dont make a difference
  1. community infrastructure is based on deb - would be thrown away
The Moblin infrastructure is being used as it offers more features. If you want a feature list, go to the meego-dev list.
more features is not an argument. obviously the current feature set works, and it works quite well. which feature exactly would justify the work related to the change?
  1. deb has wider adoption (Ubuntu, Google Chrome OS, Debian)
So... Mandriva, PCLinuxOS, OpenSuSE, not to mention SuSE EL, Red Hat EL and Fedora is not a "wide adoption" as well? Subjective bullet point that should be removed.
this is not about the number of distributions but about the number of desktop users ;)
  1. allows syncing from Debian/ Ubuntu
Debian isn't the end-all be-all for Linux. There are dozens of distributions that provide valuable patches and experience.
but Ubuntu is desktop user oriented, so their patches are more valuable. For instance their boot speed optimizations make my desktop boot faster than the N900...
  1. is used for distributions targetting end users
And... Mandriva, PCLinuxOS, OpenSuSE, not to mention SuSE EL, Red Hat EL and Fedora don't target end users? Nuts!
they primary target corporate users, the driving force behind user visible changes is Ubuntu. (Notifications, Indicator Applet)
  1. not to throw away experience gained with maemo which is reflected in the packaging
Those scripts and patches can be easily streamlined into an RPM spec. This is an opinion statement, not a factual counter point!
I would not say that modifying each package and taking care of the interdepencies can be done easily

questioning --mooninite 18:20, 16 February 2010 (UTC)

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