Talk:Documentation/Maemo 5 Developer Guide/Using Generic Platform Components/Using Backup Application

After trying to make this page a bit clearer, I think that I don't understand it at all. There are a few questions which arise:

  • What is the so-called locations configuration? Where is it set, and what is its default value?
  • Where should users put their custom back-up scripts?
  • What happens if one script has a file explicitly included with location, and another has it excluded with exclude?

I don't understand this phrase in particular:

For other data not normally backed up, the so-called locations configuration is used. It is important that the locations configuration paths MUST NOT overlap with the documents path.

What is the documents path? What does overlap mean? Does it mean that I want to back up files in the documents path, or that a locations file is stored in the documents path, etc? I am a bit lost.

--Dave Neary 13:27, 30 December 2009 (UTC)