Windows Installation

Is it really that hard to get a proper windows installer working? I mean seriously, I shouldn't even have to download VLC myself if your program requires it, the installer should just prompt me to install it, let me click yes, then do it itself. Let alone having to download git (whatever the fuck that is) and COPYING AND PASTING RANDOM FILES INTO MY WINDOWS/SYSTEM32 folder are you serious? The installer should do that.

Windows Install

Thank you for your kind words. Please click on the donate button and donate me enough money to buy a Windows license. Then I could consider installing it to my Macbook and writing an installer that would suit your demands. Latter would be totally free of charge.

Better yet, why don't you step up and write me one. This is open source so I welcome all kinds of patches to make people's life easier. Just make sure people can update the server as easily as with a single git command "git pull".

But if you don't want to do this, I can just stop supporting an operating system I don't use nor can test with. Would the thought of not having Windows support at all make you feel better?

Laymen approach

Hi and thank you for this, perhaps, wonderful application! "Perhaps", is only because having red all the instructions I, being an ordinary user, got lost. I understand that we all need to study and study through life (no sarcasm!) but wouldn't you want for you app be accessible to all, and I mean ALL who might not possess any knowledge as to what a "cmd.exe" is but, one day, might get enchanted with your product so much that would be pressing a "Donate" button like crazy? Would be just great, just awesome to be able upon installation and reading an instruction in a layman terms just start using such a great piece of software by anyone, who can read and knows how to turn the computer on. At this moment, this program is deprived of many, many and many possible users 'cause they did not receive a particular and very specific education. How many people are out there who know this stuff? Many. And how many of those who don't? A hell of a lot more! But, hey, they are all the possible users and investors! Thanks again for taking your time reading all this. I would really like to become a user and, perhaps, a small donor to you project but the my level of computer education does not seem to be up to it. Regards, Anrey