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  • This is a special boot menu where boot menu items are made in /etc/bootmenu.d/*.item and refresh_bootmenu.d will flash this to initfs. If you are cloning or booting other OS'es, you'll need to make such .item files
1. I've installed a normal version of maemo on my n800 in the internal flash. with I got a bootmenu. Now I use my internal sd card with a 1,3 GB ext2 partition for maemo and a 0,7 FAT partition for the swap. My question is: what I've to do if I want to use an other 2 GB SD card in my internal slot? It should be easy to switch back to my default version.
2.What is the content of this .item files?--jukey 16:14, 18 February 2009 (UTC)

The Generic x86 - VMDK (VMware disk image) is missing the .vmx file ; unzipping it only reveals a .vmdk file