I just thought I'd give you a heads-up, it appears that there is a Belgian telecoms company called Proximus. To make matters worse, they even have an i-sphere app called Proximus. --mrsellout 12:28, 20 June 2011 (UTC)

[edit] i'm also working on this exact thing

I've wanted to write this app for a long time also, I actually started work on it for the competition a few weeks ago, just didn't submit it until now since I wanted to get at least 25% done before announcing anything. In case I had too many problems, I could just give up :) Last week I saw you guys had the same idea too... I assume you are not planning on entering also, that would be pretty interesting. You can't really help me yet either though, since that's cheating :P Are you guys interested in extending my work after I submit it? I can't guarantee you will like the architecture so maybe you won't want to touch it, I don't know. It's written in Qt Creator using the new mobility 1.2 stuff. So far it's only running in the simulator though. Let me know any questions here, or pm me on the foum.

Creamy Goodness

I've added you to the project, no internet connection at home atm (just moved house), so will catch you in the week for a chat -lardman

[edit] Use ET-Prolog

IMHO, the daemon part can use the effort put in on ET-Prolog