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Please post here ideas/questions for brainstorming

Q: What is the ideal infrastructure for a fruitful collaboration between Nokia teams and the community?

Q: Repository, mailing list, wiki, news. Anything else critical?

Q: What is good/bad in

Q: What is good/bad in other references:

A: Launchpad has the advantage of making the project more visible at least, and provides a wide range of functions to collaborate. Only worry is if launchpad gets "run over by a bus" (bankrupt, etc). Android page seems very developer-oriented, whereas launchpad would also be more user-friendly and maybe more welcoming as a collaboration platform for intro-level developers/users. Moblin seems to suffer from the "i'm a project homepage, for developers and unwelcome to users" mentality too. seems to have a little more with getting community involved (developer demos etc). Trolltech seems to get the hint about community as well, but also takes care of presenting the material on a more executive level. ---stskeeps 23:02, 8 November 2008 (UTC)

Q: SVN / Git... does that matter? Is it preferrable to have a single repository with a single tool and all projects hosted there or let every project have their preferred tool?

Q: Is the usage of external infrastructure considered e.g. launchpad or ?

Q: There are two main level of collaboration: within a single project and cross-project. What are the needs of each?

Q: Use microblogging channels (Jaiku as an example) for developers both internal and external to communicate changes/notification/achievements/etc? ---stskeeps 23:02, 8 November 2008 (UTC)