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From a Nokia point of view the interest is to have a single repository for distributing third party applications. External repositories should be an exception targeting very specific needs and users. Nokia is not interested in blurring the boundaries between a community supported extras repository and the repo someone has setup somewhere.--qgil 06:59, 2 June 2008 (UTC)

While it is obviously better to have a single repository, both for users and for Nokia, realistically it is not going to happen soon. So, there is still a place for a repo aggregator like Gronmayer to exist. Additionally, creating an AppInstaller-like AJAX web site for Gronmayer specifically targeted for displaying in MicroB will let you test different AppInstaller designs before implementing them in a real application and pushing them to the users. It is really easy to change a piece of PHP code but changing a native app and updating everybody's tablets with it is more dofficult. fms
If you want to have any specific action around the Gronmayer aggregator & tools, that's totally fine. Go ahead. I'm just saying that Nokia prefers to invest its time and resources fixing the root of the problem, even if it will take longer than 100 Days.--qgil 07:59, 2 June 2008 (UTC)
I really like the idea. It should be merged with the Download section of There should be an "Add your application" button that will open a new page where to enter all the informations regarding the new Application (the 'main page'). The submission of this new Application should automatically create: a) a garage project for the Application b) a discussion thread on the ITT forum for this Application's first release c) a Download page in will be created as well. This set of web tools should follow the Application during its lifetime. As long as the developer tags the application as Alpha or Beta, it should only appear in the Maemo Extras-devel repository. When the developer tags it as Stable it should be moved to the Maemo Extras repository. For each new release the developer should decide if to open a new discussion thread for that specific release or not (on the ITT forum). The first post on the ITT forum thread should also provide a set of links at least for 'reporting bugs' (and should, obviously, point to the garage's bugzilla page for that project). This link to bugzilla should also appear on the Application 'main page'. We have ONE Application, there should be a little more than ONE place on the web for it and for its resources--anidel 12:12, 3 June 2008 (UTC)

[edit] "Application Store"

  • Use gronmayer's scripts to create a web site that merges applications from all known repositories into a single list and lets you browse them with MicroB using HTML UI similar to N-Gage, Apple Store, etc. While it sounds ambitious, it is not difficult to do, as we always have app descriptions and icons (form .deb files) and we also have screenshots for apps hosted at Garage. Reformatting this data in a format that can be nicely presented in tablet browser is not difficult.
  • Effectively replace "itTSS" with this website.
  • Make sure that all applications which are actually available in the repositories can be found in the downloads section.