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I want to add a participation/offers list somewhere, so we can see whos doing what. this was my outline, delete or put into a page if acceptable: --lcuk 01:05, 13 January 2009 (UTC)

It aims to link together members with the skills or apps they think they are good at or have something to offer.

Only add yourself to this list if you think you can participate, addition to the list is not a contract.

gary birkett :: lcuk ::

  • liqbase - fast graphics library and core ui widget (n8x0 onwards)
  • sketch - faster than paper instant memory (n8x0 onwards)
  • graffiti - recall of sketches and postcards (n8x0 onwards)
  • hello_mum - instant postcard creation and distribution ( really depends on new camera, but should work on 8x0 )

yourname :: yournick :: youraddr

  • description (hardware)

Please rearrange and/or delete if this is the wrong place/details, its just an idea.