[edit] Blogging

There doesn't seem to be much advantage of setting up blogging through vBulletin (unless, of course, I'm missing something ;)), would doing it through Midgard be more straightforward? As it's already integrated into the karma and news systems.

[edit] Retrograde step for users

While a applaude the intent to expand and improve internettablettalk, I feel that merging it with could be a very bad thing for new users.

Internettablettalk (ITT) is geared to users and is where I get most, maybe all, of my news, support and howtos for the tablet. Even as an experienced computer user with various OSes, I get the distinct impression that is a DEVELOPER site. For example, take a look at maemo's home page from the point of view of a new user. The title of the homepage (and by implication, the theme of the whole site) is 'Open source development'. At this point my new user mother is already backing out. But wait, there's hope - A 'Tutorials' link... nope, more developer stuff.

OK, lets try the 'OS2008 User site' - that's got to be good right? Nope - I get to a Nokia page advertising the various devices. There is a 'Make it yours' link, so I think I can find all the s/w available for the Nokia there. Hmmm, funny, it only lists 10 applications. By now I'd be thinking I've bought a pretty limited device!

My point is that the 'integration' into the developers site isnt going to be a good thing - at least not unless its well thought out from (and obvious to) a new users perspective.

Getting rid of the ITT wiki would be a very bad idea - comparing the ITT wiki with the Maemo users wiki shows that the ITT wiki is much more geared to new users and has, IMO, much more info. The Maemo users wiki page is more of an index page. If these are to be merged I respectfully suggest that the 'ITT wiki' is retained as the user homepage, and the 'Maemo wiki' "index" could be expanded to index the combination of all the articles.

New users should EASILY be able to find there way to new software and have a welcoming greeting - think of your less computer savvy friends trying to get to grips with it on there own.