Task:Bugzilla report card

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Something that would help in the Fremantle timeline is to define what products (aka which teams) are doing better and worse. Now there is an overall complaint, which is unfair to actually those individuals and teams that are doing a good work in bugs.maemo.org. The general complaint is also more difficult for us to chase reasons why things are how they are. If instead there would be a wiki page or something showing "red - yellow - green - star" status of each product matching a team, then we all would be able to focus on the right spots.

Quim Gil

[edit] Metrics

Grading is based on response rate (how many incoming bugs were responded to?), fix rate (excluding moreinfo, DUPLICATE, WORKSFORME, and INVALID), and (Bugsquad?) perception based on experience with the team.

[edit] Report format

NOTE: This table is entirely bogus.

Team Response Fix Rating Comments
Browser 23/34 10/29 Good Good response rate, but fixes are slow.
Desktop 2/19 12/15 Yellow Excellent fix rate, but communication is sorely lacking.
Connectivity 5/25 2/25 Poor Poor fix rate and poor communication leaves a lot to be desired.
Utilities Image:Star.png 10/10 5/5 Excellent! Perfect response rate, perfect fix rate (excluding moreinfo bugs).