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[edit] Rationale

Now there is http://talk.maemo.org - an excellent platform to handle comments and discussions in the Maemo community. It's much more powerful than the current infrastructure for comments in maemo.org, so why not use it.

The change would also bridge much better the traditional maemo.org and InternetTabletTalk communities: commenters on announcements, maemo.org blogs, downloads or brainstorm would land on talk.maemo.org and regular users of t.m.o would be more aware of what is being originated in other parts of maemo.org.

The main reason to push this is the new Maemo Brainstorm, that ideally would be officially released with the new way of handling comments. Talk and Brainstorm are naturally tied together.

There was also a big discussion and a plan at the time on ITt application catalog feeds, and this would be a straight forward implementation of that plan.

Comments on Maemo wiki, Maemo bugzilla and Maemo Garage can stay the way they are.  :)

[edit] Dependencies

Task:Single sign-on is a dependency to have this system working flawlessly. However, if we need to choose between waiting the full implementation or go ahead with e.g. Brainstorm and make users have twoi logins at the beginning, I would go for the latter. It all depends on the planned dates to complete Single Sign-On, Brainstorm and Comments2Talk.

[edit] In practice

[edit] Brainstorm

The future Brainstorm is centered on creating ideas, proposing solutions ans rating them up/down. All this functionality is being designed as a Midgard CMS module and this is good. But comments on ideas are also allowed, and they could be much better handled in tmo threads.

This is where we should put our focus for a first sprint. As opposed to the rst of existing maemo.org channels, this is new and it is better that is released with the right infrastructure in place to avoid future changes, move of comments to a different system, etc.

[edit] Downloads

Reggie had created a spec but it is currently gone. A couple of thoughts while it is recovered:

  • A page like http://maemo.org/downloads/product/OS2008/personal-menu/ should contain all the basic information but then the comments and votes would be originated in a tmo thread (the basic infrastructure is in place since tmo also handle 5 star ratings). Probably not easy, though.
  • Question: a new application generates automatically a new thread or do we wait for a first commenter to click a link that would create it? Whatever is technically easier. Probably creation of a new thread by default is better anyway: more awareness to more users, even if then many threads risk to remain empty.
  • Question: what happens to all the current comments and ratings? One possibility would be to keep what exists as it is and start with the new system with Maemo 5.
  • Question: by default new versions of an application would stay in the same thread - but what is a developer does a major upgrade in a same OS release, can he define a way to start a new thread?

[edit] News

A new entry creates automatically a new thread in tmo where all the comments are handle. This applies to: