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[edit] 2015-01

[edit] 2015-01-06

The Old Council and the New Council meet Tuesday this week (6.12) at 20:00 UTC for a kind of handover meeting. Topics for the meeting:

    • Suitable meeting time for all: 21:00UTC Tuesday
    • Arranging new council members to the council@maemo.org mailalias: done
    • Providing Council status on TMO: done
    • IRC cloaks (ask sixwheeledbeast)
    • automatic calculation of results not working for the last election; may be triggered by empty ballots, but not certain; it's probably the DataBase export to STV that gives
    • Elected Chair: Wikiwide
    • Hopes & dreams for the upcoming half-a-year
    • What else...?
  • Present Councilors: gerbick (UTC-5), juiceme, MentalistTraceur (UTC-5), peterleinchen (UTC+1), rzr, wikiwide (UTC+11)