Task:Download client for extras-applications


[edit] Idea

The client should be used in addition to the native application manager and provide easily more information for the inexperienced user. The client will:

  • ease finding and sorting applications based on different criteria (ratings, number of downloads, categories, etc.)
  • search for applications with a free-text search
  • get basic information about the applications (like description, number of downloads, ratings, comments, screenshots, etc.)
  • send feedback (like ratings, comments)
  • download the installation file and pass it directly to the application manager, which handles the installation

For further information have a look at the initial blog-post.

[edit] Server communication

The back-end implementation is ongoing work ATM. It is based on the open collaboration services API. The implementation doesn't apply in all parts to the standard, but the work is ongoing and the goal is to change and improve it step by step. More information about this you find in the REST API.

[edit] User interface

The user interface is created by wazd. The current development you can follow on the UI page.

[edit] Development

The application is developed in Qt. There is a separation of UI- and back-end implementation. The goal of the next weeks is to separate them completely and to offer the back-end as a library, so that apart from the client it can be used e.g. in a widget or other implementations. More detailed information in the development section.

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