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This article is continued discussion from the maemo.org brainstorm
Please see the 100 Days agenda for more.
This is an ongoing task, planned to be completed during the current maemo.org development sprint. Any help is appreciated!
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Progress on this task depends on the server upgrade done by the ISP and it moved to the Backlog. see 100Days/Sprint2.--qgil 12:36, 1 July 2008 (UTC)

Browsing and downloading from maemo.org should be simply fast. No excuses.

Although things have improved some (particularly after the OS2008 release), they don't seem to be keeping up well with the ever increasing numbers of tablet users, and downtime or slowness from the critical services offered by maemo.org is unacceptable.

  • Mirror repository.maemo.org to ensure good uptime and fast response.
  • Mirror tablets-dev.nokia.com to ensure good uptime and fast response.
  • Improve the hardware and bandwidth availability behind *.maemo.org to ensure good uptime and fast response—maemo.org is too slow!
This work is ongoing and the results should be noticed way before the end of the 100 Days.--qgil 06:24, 2 June 2008 (UTC)
- "...running a beowolf cluster of 770's?" : ) - mee 20:25, 8 June 2008 (UTC)


[edit] Services

[edit] maemo.org website

[edit] problem

This server is really overloaded on all parts, especially after 15:00 UTC.

[edit] solution

Multiple servers to spread the load and move the database to a separate server.

[edit] progress

The ISP has delivered our servers. We now wait for Eero from Nemein to return from holiday, so he can set them up. --xfade 12:43, 31 July 2008 (UTC)

Before switching over to the new servers, a performance testing needs to be done. It is not yet agreed who will do the testing and what is the earliest date when they could start, but there are at least two candidates. Whenever the new servers are in a shape where I can see the maemo front page on access, and the load generator servers are in place the load testing can start. After the load testing, the data must be synced with the live server, all services prepared for the switchover and if all parties agree push the button. Now we need to come up with some milestones and deadlines. -- marcell 19:49, 2 Sept 2008 (UTC)

Many tweaks and tunes done by Niels and Nemein. Midgard version will be upgraded to 8.09 as soon as a sensible time is found (discuss this with Nemein 6.11.2008). Midgard 8.09 will improve web server performce. New hardware for the database backend will come available late next week. This should take care of the current really bad database performance. --tekojo 13:10, 4 Nove 2008 (UTC)

[edit] garage.maemo.org

[edit] problem

The server is overloaded because of increased SVN usage, autobuilder and repository related work. The server doesn't have enough RAM for filesystem cache, so a lot of IO has to be done. This slows all other processes down.

[edit] proposed solution

  • Move autobuilder and repository related tasks to a separate server. (Not available at the moment)
  • Move SVN(Projects' sourcecode) repository to a separate server. (Not available at the moment)

[edit] progress

none yet --xfade 12:43, 31 July 2008 (UTC)

more ram is ordered for the server, we are waiting for the ISP to install it. -- marcell 19:52, 2 September 2008 (UTC)

[edit] autobuilder - builder

[edit] problem

We currently have one VM with 3 build queues. All builds for extras-devel are done on this VM. The VM only has a total of 10GB of disk space and doesn't have a very powerful cpu.

[edit] proposed solution

Order multiple VMs with sufficient disk space and cpu power.

[edit] progress

none yet --xfade 07:19, 1 August 2008 (UTC)

[edit] Subtasks

The following subtasks were listed in the backlog:

  • Implement ServerInfraPlan - Marcell to get things from ISP, then Nemein continues until done.
  • Cache issues: images not served, old stuff out, not updating, wiki redirect? - Eero (From February. Can wait to new server infra).
  • Plan for login issues (From March. Depends on infrastructure improvement) - Eero
  • Testing maemo.org with Midgards 8.09 and 9.03 to get major performance boost - Henri