Task:Git over ssh

This task is completed and this page stays here for documentation purposes only. Please file bugs or propose a new, related task if you want to push this forward.
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Garage currently offers git over WebDAV access for software projects. Unfortunately this solution has several limitations. Apart from its slowness it is often unreliable, meaning that commits do not get to the repo properly. In some cases the repositories are completely unavailable (e.g. behind firewalls and proxeis) and there is no way to use hooks (ie. trigger events on certain actions happen to a repository).

However the biggest advantage of the current solution is the access control. With WebDAV it is relatively easy to limit who can access a certain project and what sort of rights does the person have on that repository.

Git over ssh would benefit developers. Access control will pose some challenges. We already have means to store the developers ssh key(s), and we certainly know the groups they belong to, so in theory it should be easy to put these together.

I would like to keep the "git over WebDAV" as a backup solution, but preserving full access (read / write) via WebDAV while ssh is in use might be tricky. There are places where people are not allowed to establish ssh connections outside of their company network (for various security reasons), so having a plan B for them would be essential.

Git over ssh has also been requested by the community and we promised to deliver it after the server move.