Task:ITt Collaboration

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This article is continued discussion from the maemo.org brainstorm
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There is a list of tasks to be done in order to assure a good integration between http://maemo.org and http://internettablettalk.com


[edit] Tasks

These are the somewhat defined and agreed tasks. There are more potential tasks in the discussion page that need to be defined and extracted here.

[edit] ITt karma counting

Integrated iTT with maemo.org karma system. See

This also touches multi-user feed retrieval:

[edit] ITt application catalog feeds

Provide an automatic way to syndicate applications to the Internet Tablet Talk Software Section (itTSS).

See spec on ITt - Can't be found now - any way to recover it?

[edit] ITt integration with maemo.org

This task is being tracked in Task:talk.maemo.org