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[edit] Getting help at maemo.org

One of the core use-cases identified in Task:Improving_maemo.org is:

  • A tablet user has a problem which they would like to resolve.

To address this usecase, I have proposed a link to a "Get help" page on the front page. The page linked to should include the following:

[edit] Main Content "boxes"

  • Links to forums where the user can ask for help, including:
    • Internet Tablet Talk
    • Mailing lists
    • IRC
    • Bugzilla as a bug forum? "Browse bug reports"?
  • Links to documentation sources which might be useful, including
    • HOWTOs
    • Relevant pages in the wiki such as Category:Users or Category:HowTo
    • Troubleshooting section of the guide
    • Official user documentation
    • FAQs
  • A link to Bugzilla - "Report a bug"

[edit] Main Content "other"

  • Ultimately, this page should contain a large (prominent) search box that can search wiki/Bugzilla/forums/mailing lists and display most applicable results below. (See the Firefox Support page.)
    • In lieu of this type of functionality, a search box that searches Bugzilla would be preferable.
  • Likewise, this page should have a dynamic element too - say the recent additions to the wiki, most recently created and resolved bugs (or the most popular bugs) or the most recent mails from the Maemo Users mailing list.
    • This could be the initial "result" that appears on the page before a search is performed.
  • Dynamic content related to support forums:
    • Recent posts feed from maemo-users
    • Latest threads feed from itT
    • Recently opened bugs list from Bugzilla
    • Recently closed bugs from Bugzilla?
    • Latest changes feed from the wiki

[edit] Page Layout Wireframe

Note: This still needs some work.

Support page layout wireframe
Support page design