Task:Maemo Brainstorm

This is an ongoing task, planned to be completed during the current maemo.org development sprint. Any help is appreciated!
Please see the talk page for discussion.


[edit] Need

  • Developers, community, users, etc. can suggest ideas to Nokia and to the developers
  • People can give thumbs up and down to the ideas
  • People can comment the ideas and other comments

[edit] Examples

[edit] Questions

  • Does everything require registration?
    • Viewing ideas does not.
    • Voting and commenting, or in the case where you have the permission, reviewing ideas or moderating, do.
  • Layout?
    • There are few examples (feel free to add more examples)
  • Views
    • What are the views needed to show ideas
      • Latest
      • Most commented
      • Most voted
      • Most liked
      • Most hated
      • Sandbox (awaiting moderation)
  • Karma
    • How are the karma-points counted, do you get one point from one idea?
      • Submitting an idea should get you exactly the same karma as submitting a bug.
    • What about commenting and voting?
      • Nothing for voting, comments on ideas should get you the same karma as comments on blog posts or products, and proposing solutions should get you more.

[edit] Roadmap

  1. Answer questions
  2. Testcomponent to test-server
  3. Community tests and gives comments
  4. Publish

[edit] Basic idea

  • Port ideatorrent functionality to Midgard
    • Reason for not using ideatorrent: Runs on top of drupal, so it would be another CMS on the server
    • See Upstream ticket #1082
  • Looks a bit like a news feed
  • On top of the page there is horizontal navigation, containing the four root statuses
  • Viewing allowed for everyone, voting and commenting only for the registered users
  • Only one vote per user, user can change the vote he/she made
  • Statuses can be changed by moderators
    • Changing status won't make a comment, but status history can be viewed by everyone
  • Moderators can delete items and comments
  • Items can be linked to another items (duplicate items for example)
  • Creator can choose that he/she want's an email about comments and status updates to that item
    • If so, every comment and status update sends an email to the creator
    • Set to 'no' by default
    • Creator can change the setting afterwards (every email contains a link to change the setting)
  • Every listing shows only the title and description, score (like 18 (+22/-4)) and the count of comments
    • When you click the title of the item, you get to see all the comments in that item
  • New items require one moderator for deletion, two moderator votes for publication to move to "Under consideration"

[edit] Item

  • Item's fields
    • Title
    • Explanation
    • Status (explained later)
    • Milestone
    • Category (basicly all the categories in the application manager and also OS)
      • Do we need this? Is the milestone enough?
    • Creator
  • Item has couple states
    • Sandbox (only moderators can comment these ideas)
      • Valid candidate (All the new ideas that are not yet approved by the moderators (not visible to the anonymous user))
      • Invalid ideas (spam, etc)
      • Already implemented (ideas, that already exists, someone just needs to answer those somehow)
      • Duplicates (if the idea is already somewhere)
    • In a need of voting (accepted under commenting) this needs a better title
      • Milestones as a subnavi
    • Under development
      • Milestones as a subnavi
    • Implemented
      • Milestones as a subnavi

[edit] Commenting

  • Comment fields
    • Title
    • Vote (up or down)
    • Commenter
  • Every second comment has different background to help reading
    • If creator comments the idea, there is a different background and/or title-color
    • If moderador comments the idea, there is a different background and/or title-color

[edit] Workflow

Each idea goes through a series of statuses

  • Sandbox waiting
    • New ideas wait until a moderator deals with them - two moderator approvals required for publication
    • Users can propose solutions or comment the idea
    • Solutions cannot be promoted or demoted
  • Sandbox invalid, duplicate and implemented
    • "Moderated away"
    • Cannot be proposed, commented, promoted or demoted
    • Reasons for invalidating: "Spam", "Already implemented", "Duplicate" (link to another idea), "Not an idea" (propose submitting to bugzilla)
  • Under consideration
    • Ideas accepted by moderator
    • New solutions can be proposed
    • Solutions can be promoted or demoted
    • Idea can be commented
  • In development
    • Ideas moderator has marked as being in development
    • Only the selected solution(s) are shown
    • New solutions cannot be proposed
    • Solutions can be promoted or demoted
    • Idea can be commented
  • Implemented
    • Ideas moderator has marked as having been implemented
    • Only the selected solution(s) are shown
    • New solutions cannot be proposed
    • Solutions cannot be promoted or demoted
    • Idea can be commented

[edit] Moderators

The moderator team should be sufficiently big that submitted ideas do not stay for a long time in moderation. The Ubuntu Brainstorm Moderators team has over 30 members.

To provide a basic check & balance to incoming ideas, ideas should only move from the sandbox to "Under consideration" when two moderators have approved it. The user interface should show when an idea has one vote in the sandbox view.

Ideas in the sandbox will be rejected when labeled one of "Not an idea", "Duplicate", "Spam" or "Already implemented".

Users can signal to moderators that an idea which has left the sandbox is already implemented, spam or a duplicate, but the idea can only be rejected by a moderator.

Some relevant links for Ubuntu moderator guidelines, which look just fine for maemo:

[edit] Basic site structure

  • Frontpage
    • List 10 most voted items with status "In a need of voting"
    • Paged
  • Latest
    • Shows 10 latest items that have had some sort of change (status, comment or vote)
    • Paged
  • Newest ideas
    • Show the 10 latest items by creation time
  • Most liked
  • Most hated
  • Most commented

[edit] Categories

  • Desktop
  • Education & Science
  • Games
  • Internet & Networking
  • Location & Navigation
  • Media
  • Office
  • Utilities
  • User Experience
  • System
  • Programming
  • Devices
  • Accessories
  • Marketing
  • Others

[edit] Layout

[edit] Frontpage