Task:Mer Repository Setup

Image:Mer infobox icon.png
Mer is back : Please visit http://www.merproject.org to learn more about this news.

As part of the Mer bootstrapping process, a repository at http://repository.maemo.org/community/ will have to be set up.


[edit] Repository layout

  • Suite: unstable
  • Codename: alpha
  • Components: main
  • Architectures: i386 armel (all)

(later we will have a stable distribution, and a similar promotion interface to extras one will be used)

[edit] Bootstrapping

  • Copying all .dsc and .deb from repository.mer.tspre.org and loading into repository. We get SDK problems if we have to re-compile everything again, and the packages were built natively already.

[edit] Upload possibilities

  • Similar interface as to uploading to i386 & armel builder as with extras.
  • There should be a specific moderation of invitations to be able to upload to the Mer repositories.
  • There should be a possibility to upload self-built packages (source & binary packages), like 'non-free' but directly to 'main', for certain uploaders (kernel-diablo is a specific problem, as it doesn't build cleanly on new SDK with gcc4)

[edit] Builder specifics