Task:Publishing API docs

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Currently the API docs are spread in different spaces and are processed through different tools. We need a unified process and a single place. This task needs to be done in collaboration with the Nokia teams. The ideal time frame would be the Fremantle release cycle.

[edit] Requirements

An API doc publishing system should fulfill a few basic requirements:

  • Automated: When a new version of a package is released, the API documentation should be updated accordingly, with no human intervention
  • Searchable: You should be able to search API docs by function name, or by task (free text)
  • Complete: All API references should be documented, and be up to date.
  • Works internally & externally: Unreleased APIs should have in-progress API documentation visible on the Nokia intranet, released packages should have their API documentation automatically updated on an external site

[edit] Plan

  • Get external library.maemo.org working
    • Install library.gnome.org and get it working with .debs in a Debian repository rather than building documentation with a .tar.gz
    • Ensure it detects new releases and rebuilds documentation automatically
    • Set it loose on Maemo's repository with a starting module list
    • Work on look & feed of front page to ensure it integrates well with the rest of maemo.org
  • Get internal library working
    • Manage internal releases, define repository for in-progress API docs

After the initial task, there are other issues to resolve:

  • Ensure that Doxygen, gtk-doc and qdoc documentation are all consistent in terms of stylesheets & layout
  • Probably others I haven't thought of right now