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This is a subtask of Task:Defining maemo and is coordinated by Dave Neary.

There are hundreds of community projects around Maemo, but some are especially remarkable, providing a unique contribution to the project.

Getting a list of these projects would help to

  • Improve their quality and promote them as ready to primetime.
  • Highlight to externals some of the amazing stuff the Maemo platform can offer.
  • Bring attention, testing, contributions, new users to them.
  • Indicate to Nokia what is really worth promoting in their Maemo related activities.
  • Cheer up the ego of promoters and contributors.  :)

See also the Fremantle Stars and Killer_Apps.


[edit] Criteria

  • Alive: Maintained regularly and available in the last stable release.
  • Open: community feedback and contributions are part of the project - open source is a very good factor but not a must.
  • Stable: feature set complete, installs flawlessly, works, doesn't harm the system, secure.
  • Finger/thumb UI: stylus to be required only in exceptional and evident cases (e.g. drawing apps).
  • Decent design: visually attractive and/or simple interface that works just as expected.
  • maemo.org active: available in extras, complete information page in Downloads.
  • Non commercial: Not developed by Nokia or commercial partners.

[edit] The Best of Maemo Applications

Please do not list new proposals directly here. Use the discussion page instead. These are projects that accomplish most of the criteria above. They be available in the Maemo 4.1 extras repository and offer a Download page in maemo.org. Add you comment if you think any of these candidates is not fit enough for the top selection, or belong to a different category. Apps marked with Image:Star.png appear now in the list of featured Maemo applications.

[edit] Born for Maemo

Remarkable projects targetting primarily the Maemo platform.

  • Canola2 Image:Star.png: Canola is a media consumer: photos, music, videos...local or remote, you name it.
  • Maemo Mapper Image:Star.png: Most downloaded application for Maemo. Best map application. Can interact with lots of different mapping sites, including OpenStreetmap.
  • Maemo WordPy Image:Star.png: Blogging software that hooks to WordPress and Blogger accounts, allows image uploads, post creating and editing, tagging. Especially notable for its finger-friendly menu.
  • MediaBox Image:Star.png: A nice, simple UI for viewing photos and movies. Not as 'bare-bones' as Mplayer, not as 'tricked-out' as Canola2.
  • mYTube Image:Star.png: An youtube browsing/downloading/playing application.
  • Numpty Physics Image:Star.png: This game is educational, hard, fun. Made for the stylus.
  • Vagalume Image:Star.png: Last.fm is my favourite music site, and Vagalume is my favourite Last.fm client.
  • liqbase Image:Star.png: one of the most innovative and tablet-specific projects yet ! (-fpp)

[edit] Very nice ports

Remarkable projects successfully ported to Maemo.

  • MPlayer Image:Star.png: Simple UI, provides the best playback performance for mpeg4/divx/xvid video on Nokia 770/N8x0.
  • Evince Image:Star.png: Evince is a document viewer for multiple document formats. It currently supports pdf, postscript, djvu, tiff and dvi.
  • iNES Image:Star.png, fMSX Image:Star.png, ColEm Image:Star.png, Speccy Image:Star.png, VGBA Image:Star.png - all fms's emulators - great ports of his original ones.
  • Xournal Image:Star.png: A great notes/sketch utility. One of few apps that utilize the pressure sensitivity of the screen! Invaluable to create and annotate PDF documents on a pocket computer.

[edit] Outstanding utilities

Remarkable projects successful in a focused mission.

  • Advanced Backlight Image:Star.png: Replaces the default Volume and Brightness applets with a unified applet that also provides rotation orientation selection.
  • Erminig Image:Star.png: Allows a two-way sync between Google Calendars and the GPE calendar on the N810.
  • Load Applet Image:Star.png: Because being able to see when/why the system becomes slow makes a huge difference in user experience.
  • Large StatusBar Clock Image:Star.png: A configurable digital clock for the statusbar.
  • Maemo Recorder Image:Star.png: Turn your N8X0 into a dictaphone. Very useful.
  • Mirage Image:Star.png: Opens many file formats; allows for simple photo editing on the tablet.
  • mogg Image:Star.png: Although not as ideal a solution as DSP-side decoding, the best we've got at the moment.
  • OMWeather Image:Star.png: Critical app. When this didn't work for a whole day after the Diablo release, I had to look outside!
  • Personal Menu Image:Star.png: Sidebar plugin, customizable menu for launching up to 36 installed applications or arbitrary commands.
  • WorldTV99 Image:Star.png: TVs around the world on your tablet. Best Edutainment without monthly fee