Task:Single sign-on/Account info stored in ldap

This page describes which data is needed for a local account in one of the services maemo.org hosts. This data is to be used to specify data fields in LDAP for central storage.


[edit] Services

Service Framework
maemo.org Midgard
garage.maemo.org G-Forge
bugs.maemo.org Bugzilla
talk.maemo.org vBulletin
wiki.maemo.org Mediawiki

[edit] maemo.org

Field Datatype
id int(11)
username char(255)
firstname char(255)
lastname char(255)
birthdate datetime
street char(255)
postcode char(255)
city char(255)
email char(255)
fax char(255)
country char(255)

[edit] Garage

Field Datatype
user_id int
user_name text
email text
realname char(32)
jabber_address text
address text
phone text
fax text
title text
firstname text
lastname text
address2 text
ccode char(2)

[edit] Talk

Field Datatype
userid int(10)
username varchar(100)
password varchar(32)
joindate int(10)
email varchar(100)
homepage varchar(100)
icq varchar(20)
aim varchar(20)
yahoo varchar(32)
birthday varchar(10)
msn varchar(100)
jabber varchar(250)
skype varchar(32)

[edit] bugs.maemo.org

Field Datatype
userid int(9)
cryptpassword char(128)
realname char(255)
disabledtext char(255)
mybugslink int(4)
refreshed_when datetime
extern_id char(64)

[edit] wiki.maemo.org

Table mw_user.

There is also mw_user_groups describing access rights the user has.

Field Datatype
user_id int(10) unsigned
user_name varchar(255)
user_real_name varchar(255)
user_password tinyblob
user_newpassword tinyblob
user_newpass_time binary(14)
user_email tinytext
user_options blob
user_touched binary(14)
user_token binary(32)
user_email_authenticated binary(14)
user_email_token binary(32)
user_email_token_expires binary(14)
user_registration binary(14)
user_editcount int(11)