Task:Wiki dumps

This task is in the list of maemo.org development proposals, please help planning and getting it ready for a sprint. Put a note on the talk page if you're interested in helping work on this task.
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Public weekly SQL dumps of the maemo.org wiki should be made available. This would allow the community to make their own copies of the dumps for backups and for use with offline viewers such as evopedia.

There are two types of dump of MediaWiki:

  • A database dump using
    mysqldump -h<hostname> -u<user> -p <dbname>
    which includes account data and site information
  • An XML dump of the page contents, which is done on the shell on the server with
    php $MEDIAWIKI_DIR/maintenance/dumpBackup.php --full > mediawiki_dump.xml

All image files and attachments are stored on the filesystem in `/var/lib/mediawiki/images` and can be archived with a .tar.gz