Task:maemo.org IRC feeds

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Bugzilla and the wiki both feature streams of frequently updated information that is difficult to monitor. With Bugzilla, you can, of course, subscribe yourself to email notifications for any number of changes, but this will quickly become overwhelming is mail folders fill up and backlogs grow. The wiki isn't much better, the Special:Recentchanges page can be monitored, but this can be difficult to sort through to see new changes, and requires constantly reloading a web page, and the RSS feed is similarly difficult. To make it easier to monitor both streams, an IRC bot that feeds this information into #maemo-bugs and #maemoorg-wiki should be put installed.

[edit] Bugzilla feed

A bugzilla feed of new and updated bugs should be easy to put together with either supybot or mozbot.

jott has started work on a supybot with the bugzilla plugin.

[edit] Wiki feed

Wikipedia maintains a bot-provided feed for vandalism monitoring in #cvn-wp-en, but I'm not sure the exact method used to acquire this feed. Some research needs to be done here.