Let's explore the possibility of opening completely the development of osso-xterm, in a setting where Nokia and community maintainers would work together.

Proposed objectives:

  • Port osso-xterm to Fremantle (and rename to maemo-xterm or anything !osso)
    • Perhaps !xterm, as well; it's libvte-based, and not related to xterm proper.
      • The name "maemo-terminal" seems to be taken (after a quick Google Search: maemo-terminal from 2005); also taken: mterm (a dockable program launcher on sourceforge) other suggestions for the name: mterminal (only ~ 330 unrelated hits on Google); maemoterm (0 hits on google); maemotty (too abstract/unrelated?); maemo-vte (only 2 hits talking about "vte" in maemo) --thp 13:26, 23 December 2008 (UTC)
  • Diablo port handled totally by community members?

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[edit] Open enhancement requests

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[edit] Open bugs

VotesSeverityIDSummary (9 tasks)
8normal7760+"ctrl-space" combo key switches input language and enters NUL character
1major4793+osso-xterm infinite loop in SDK
1normal8750+wrong 'enter' behavior with onscreen keyboard and x terminal
1normal6744+Context menu conflicts with virtual keyboard
1normal10058+"marking arrow" button in bottom toolbar not shown anymore after start
normal6706+Return button of Virtual keyboard in X Terminal does not work reliably
normal7491+One character missing (not displayed) when output wrapped in X Terminal
normal11602osso-xterm's toolbar_fullscreen is broken (is backwards...)
normal6096+xterm: "Empty" app menu with invisible buttons