Tracking bugs in Extras

Note: Work in progress

A bugtracker is a software application used by developers for keeping tracks of reported bugs in their work.

[edit] Bugtrackers benefits

Bugtrackers give both developers and users a lot of benefits.


  • They are notified when a bug is found in their applications
  • They keep track of reported bugs so that they can organize their work
  • They can easily communicate with reporters if they need more information or further testing


  • They can easily report the bugs they find and help to fix them
  • They can give developers tips and suggestions

[edit] Bugtracker location

You can find more info about how to add a bugtracker field in your application here.

[edit] Validity criteria for bugtrackers and bugtrackers links

Actually, these bugtrackers links are considered valid:

The following bugtracker links are NOT considered valid:

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