Maemo devices come equipped with a USB port that will allow you to connect your device to your computer for flashing the device, mounting the memory cards, and use USB networking. N800 and N810 can use USB host mode to connect USB peripherals to your tablet. N900 also uses the USB port for charging.

(Host mode on the N900 is being developed by users).

[edit] Flashing

Main article: Updating the firmware

The USB port can be used for flashing a new OS image onto the device.

[edit] Host mode

Main article: USB host mode

N800 and N810 are able to function in either client or host-mode. Host-mode will allow you to use USB peripherals like keyboards, flash drives, card readers, external hard drives, and external CD drives with your tablet. N900 also can be used in USB host-mode. Look here.

[edit] Networking

Main article: USB networking

USB networking allows you to use the device's USB port to connect to a computer and network with that computer over USB. This can provide you with an internet connection for your device in environments without Wi-Fi or cellular access.

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