This guide covers using external USB 3G HSDPA GPRS modems with Maemo Diablo.

[edit] Steps

  1. Enable USB host mode.
  2. Get a powered USB hub.
  3. Connect the hub to your tablet.
  4. Connect your modem to the USB hub.
  5. Get the SCSI kernel module from Fanoush's kernel modules (the /drivers/scsi/sg.ko file in the archive).
  6. Load the SCSI generic Linux kernel module. As root:
    insmod sg.ko

[edit] Option HSDPA Modem

  1. Compile the "HSO" Option Modem kernel module (Greg Kroah-Hartman is in the process of integrating the kernel module into the mainline kernel, but check HSO in the meantime or use this working directory which includes compiled modules).
  2. Compile the Rezero Option mode switch application.
  3. Run the Option mode switch application.
    ./rezero /dev/sg0
  4. Load the "HSO" kernel module.
    insmod hso.ko
  5. Edit the script (from HSO) to actually do the changes in the routing table.
  6. Run the script.
    ./ up
  7. or use debian packages there: [[1]].
  8. Enjoy!

[edit] TODO

  • Use the udev script to automate the loading when the device is plugged (both for "rezero" and for "HSO").