Useful Mobile URLs

Why use the mobile version or at least a simpler version of a web site when Maemo devices are capable of accessing the full version? Some reasons:

  • Speed -- simpler versions may be considerably faster because they lack Flash and JavaScript. Full versions of websites are sometimes designed to run on desktop processors using browsers with JavaScript optimizations.
  • Focus -- simpler versions are often to the point, more in keeping with the spirit of mobile apps vs. desktop apps.
  • Compatibility -- sometimes the full version of a web site doesn't support Maemo devices properly.

On, there are periodic requests for mobile versions of sites.


[edit] Shopping Sites

Mobile shopping sites
Site URL Notes

[edit] Application providers

Mobile application providers
Site URL Notes
Ovi store

[edit] Various Google Services

Mobile Google services
Site URL Notes
Google Calendar Lists appointments.
Google Calendar (Domain)[your domain]/m Lists appointments.
Google Docs Some features are view-only. Spreadsheet can only view a column at a time. Opera Mobile user agent enables basic spreadsheet editing.
Google Maps Look up a place. View a map in simple HTML with links for zooming and shifting the display
Google News May direct you to mobile version of news site
Google Reader Displays simple text version of article
Google Reader "Chunky" More touch friendly
Google Search May direct you to mobile version of searched-for site
Google Tasks part of Gmail
Google Tasks "Chunky" More touch friendly
Google Voice
Gmail Can also click "Simple HTML" link for more functionality
Gmail "Chunky" More touch friendly
Gmail "Chunky" (Domain)[your domain]/x/1gjikl11t3cl1 More touch friendly
YouTube Extra-large buttons (Dont't work in 2019)

[edit] WebMail / Social

Mobile webmail/social sites
Site URL Notes
Facebook mobile site
Facebook mobile site without photos, free on some mobile networks (eg 3UK).
Facebook Touch site
Google+ see above
Gmail see above
Hotmail Mobile Obsolete?
Hotmail Mobile Works with
Hotmail Mobile Alt
Hotmail Mobile (Switch off) Useful if you are stuck on mobile view. Click the link, then click PC Site (located at the bottom)
Yahoo "Mail" link is in upper right
VK mobile site

[edit] News / Information Sites

Modile news/information sites
Site URL Notes
Ars Technica recognizes some user agents
Google News May direct you to mobile version of news site

[edit] Search

Mobile search sites
Site URL Notes

[edit] Common Patterns

A quick glance at this table shows you that mobile-friendly URLs often fall into certain patterns:


Knowing these patterns, you can discover other mobile-friendly sites.