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Random thoughts i have about changes to the wiki. They are slightly biased towards N900 as thats the device i own.


[edit] Pages needed written

[edit] Software

Ovi Maps & Maploader:

WoL or Magic Packet:

[edit] Media


[edit] Sensors

Haptic Feedback

Proximity Sensor

Camera Door Sensor

Battery Cover

Keyboard Slide Sensor

Ambient Light Sensor

Source: Nokia Service L3&4 Page 6–16

[edit] Hardware

Battery Details

These would be part of the N900 hardware category.

[edit] Page names more readable

Currently: N900 CPU


  • Microprocessor (N900)
  • Microprocessor/N900
  • Microprocessor:N900

This can then be entered into categories, Hardware, N900 Hardware

[edit] Tweaks/Modding/Hacks

Some consolidation

[edit] Page Layout Test

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