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With the new extras process, mud-builder should be re-focused[1] and re-invigorated to help packaging in accordance with the Maemo Packaging Policy[2] and Uploading to Extras-devel.


[edit] Requirements

  • Taking an upstream project (from somewhere) and applying zero or more patches for Maemo.
    • Automate creation of projects.
    • Take URL of upstream source deb info page (fish out .dsc, .diff.gz and .tar.gz).
    • Take URL of upstream tarball done
  • Provide easy in-life management, e.g. changelogs and maintaining the patch.
  • Proper debification and Maemo additions (like Section: user/ and the icon) done
  • Conformant with the Maemo Packaging Policy:
    • Any package patched, or not from a existing deb source, needs to have a maemo version suffix.
      • For example, if the base version is 7.0, the package version from mud should be 7.0-0maemo1 for the first upload, 7.0-0maemo2 for the second, etc.
      • If the upstream package comes from Debian (with version 3.5-7) and is unpatched, the package uploaded from mud is also 3.5-7.
      • If the upstream package comes from Debian (with version 3.5-7) and is patched, the package uploaded from mud is 3.5-7maemo1 for the first upload, 3.5-7maemo2 for the second, etc.
    • Warnings should be given when uploading a package with "Section: user/(.*)" where $1 is not in the accepted list.
    • It is an error to try and upload a package with no description.
  • Auto-sign & upload to ...-extras-builder in one-step
    • Use scp to upload all the files, uploading .changes and .dsc last, to avoid auto-builder issues (driven by .dsc files and #3354)
  • Auto-determine Build-Depends r234

[edit] Examples

Create new packages within mud's packages/ directory. They can then be manipulated, built, edited and uploaded:

mud create
mud create
mud create
mud create new-package

Take a package (for example, from the upstream deb source - in the above case - Ubuntu Hardy), build it; sign it and upload it to diablo-extras-builder:

mud build libgee
mud upload libgee

Typical workflow for getting a package, unpacking the source, editing it, checking the result and then cleaning out the working copy:

mud get vala
mud compile vala
mud diff vala
mud compile vala
mud clean vala

[edit] Workflow

Use quilt[3]?


[edit] Internals

[edit] Package structure

Instead of having package.xml, patches/package.patch and icon/package, v2.0 of mud should have more consolidation:

  mud.xml - required
  package.png - optional icon, used if -nn not present
  package-26.png - optional, if present copied to right place
  package-64.png - optional, if present copied to right place
  package.desktop - if present, auto-copied to right place
  package.service - if present, auto-copied to right place
  extras.xml- optional specification of file destinations, modes, owners, groups etc.
  extras/ - copied to build-dir/mud-extras
  patches/ - contains quilt patch set

Icon files, desktop and service files are auto-considered part of 'extras' with implicit rules for their destination.

  <file name="">
    <destination path="/usr/bin/" [mode="auto|0755" ][owner="..."][group="..." ]/>
    <destination path="/usr/bin/" />

Mode is optional (set to 0644 if unspecified, unless the file starts #!). Owner and group default to root. install -D lines are auto-added to end of debian/rules:install.

[edit] Install steps

  1. Add extras and extras-devel to /etc/apt/sources.list.d in Scratchbox
  2. Install mud.
  3. Create ~/.mudrc containing garage username and gnupg key to use

For example:

for j in  '-src'; do for i in  '-devel'; do
  echo "deb$j$i diablo free non-free" >>/etc/apt/sources.list.d/extras-repo.list
done; done
apt-get update && apt-get install mud
cat >~/.mudrc <<EOM

[edit] Extras package

mud should be in Extras, and needs dependencies on:

  • xsltproc
  • devscripts
  • gnupg
  • sharutils


  • imagemagick

[edit] Notes

  1. MUD Direction?, Andrew Flegg, 26 June 2008
  2. Maemo Packaging Policy, Eero Tamminen, 28 May 2008
  3. [ "Introduction to Quilt", Andreas Gr¨unbacher, June 12 2005