[edit] Bugs

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[edit] Broken

  • Alarms not getting backed up with settings.
  • Per FSH:
ln -s /etc/opt /opt/etc
  • After reflash, extra apps are still in /opt, but are "missing" since the symlinks from /usr/bin are gone.
    • More steps needed - which exact apps, did you restore from Backup? --andre
  • Saving preferences in xchat crashes.
    • I can confirm this, but I don't know if the Maemo port of xchat has a separate bugtracker in --andre
  • "Clear private data on exit" in Midori doesn't actually clear ~/.cache/midori/web (!). I spoke to packager (kalikiana) on IRC and he said he would look into it.
`rm  -rf ~/.cache/midori ; rm -rf ~/.config/midori`       Start midori.  Go to some website.  Click "Tools".  Click "Clear Private Data".    Check "Clear private data when quitting Midori"  (but DON'T click "Clear private data" button).   Tap blurry part at top to close private data window.   Exit Midori.   `ls -R ~/.cache/midori/web`  and see the .pngs or whatever.
  • `less`, `vim` etc. don't see to like $TERM=rxvt-unicode. Using $TERM=xterm-color works fine. Probably not worth filing a bug...
    • vi is available via default, but not vim. Feel free to file a bug report with exact steps. --andre
  • lcuk: package liqcontrolpanel's summary is "short description". Package should be removed entirely.
  • Image viewer: 1) rotate image 2) view thumbnail. Image doesn't get rotated in thumbnail in *some* cases.
  • Maps viewer (OVI): The program is running ok in Spanish, but map data is in English (e.g. "South Pacific Ocean" "South America"). I first ran the program in English, but have subsequently set the system to Spanish.

[edit] RFEs

  • Alarm clock should show current time, not time alarm was set for, or when you hit snooze, you can't see current time (and think it is alarm time!).
  • In package manager you have to keep scrolling down to the package you want. You can't just hit "r" for example and have it scroll to "r" in the list of packages. This is actually pervasive throughout Maemo 5. It seems to only really do this in Contacts app.
  • It totally sucks that if someone steals your phone, they pretty much own you. At least /home/user/MyDocs should be encrypted. Ideally this would be done with LUKS and decrypt at boot with a password. Perhaps encryptfs
  • Need a #maemo-devel channel too, as #maemo is noisy...
  • xchat is totally not tweaked for maemo, such as scrolling...
  • mplayer should use pulsebarfaudio by default, not alsa:
echo "ao = pulse" > ~/.mplayer/config
  • Media Player doesn't thumbnail videos after they are taken with the N900 camera/video app. It didn't after closing and re-opening app, but I see they are now thumbnailed (post flashing). Anyway, it should do them "immediately".
  • Lots of internationalization packages are taking up space needlessly. But if, for example, Swedish Calendar support is removed, it wants to remove the whole calendar. The i10n packages should be removable without removing the whole app.
  • App Manager should include $LICENSE in Description.
    • Worth an enhancement request, explaining why you want this --andre
  • doesn't work with gnash (I mailed them and they mailed back saying, uh, ya, sorry).

[edit] Bugs of Note

Here's a few bugs of interest to me. Please vote for them. :)

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