[edit] Gripes

  • Not all Free Software....
  • 256M of NAND is way too little if it is going to be the root filesystem (/). It is way to easy to fill up. I see that they need to do this for reflashing, but since on reflash all the applications in /opt get lost anyway, what good does it do to have them there? Seems they could have mounted /usr on the 32G, or even better just put /boot on NAND and in that case NAND could even be smaller. Seems very dumb to have 32G+ of space on the device, yet still fill up the rootfs! The vast majority of users are going to have no clue how to repartition (which I will do here shortly) and aren't going to be able to install many applications, which should be a great strength of this device since it can multitask so well and the repositories are going to blossom
  • 4 rows of keys would have been a lifesaver.
  • No | (pipe) or tab key
  • The camera doesn't autofocus, or at least not when you need it to.
  • When charging the phone and talking on it, the power cable is sticking out the top, not the bottom.
  • No dictionary/translation program (!)
  • Docs, info, contacts, etc. are spewed all over the place. For instance, try to find out info about Canola. Some on this wiki, some in garage, some at their site, etc. Where does one file a bug? I've been told to ignore garage and do most at *, but then they should ditch those parts at garage to make things cleaner.
  • SDK pretty much assumes you are running 32-bit Debian or Ubuntu. It's not really cooperating nicely in a Debian Lenny install inside qemu.