I have shut down my mirrors.


[edit] Freemoe Mirror


[edit] Mirroring Maemo Repositories

This is a mini-HOWTO explaining how to mirror the Maemo repositories.

[edit] Install apt-mirror

In Debian/Ubuntu/etc:

apt-get update
apt-get install apt-mirror

In Fedora/RPM-based systems:

yum install apt-mirror

[edit] Configure apt-mirror

Edit the mirror list.

In Debian:


In Fedora:


The file should look like this--update the mirror_path to where you would like them to point:

set defaultarch    armel
set nthreads     20
set _tilde 0
set mirror_path    /var/www/mirrors
deb fremantle free
deb fremantle free
deb fremantle free

[edit] Run apt-mirror

Then simply run apt-mirror as root (or with sudo):


If you changed your config file name, run it like this example:

apt-mirror /etc/apt/mirror-maemo-arm.list

[edit] TODO

This only shows how to mirror ARM extras*.

  • Add mirroring source
  • Add mirroring i386
  • Add mirroring
  • Add automation (cron) notes
  • Howto set up your device to use mirror