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[edit] My Packages

These are packages I have built and are available in the maemo repository, packages I've built and are in my repository or packages I'd like to see built.

Uh, I actually have quite a few other packages submitted to the builder, but I need to go through someday (when isn't painfully slow to use) and see what the status is. I don't know of a way to even search packages by packager, but perhaps there is a way.

[edit] In Maemo Repository

[edit] Burgerspace

  • Currently in extras.

[edit] libflatzebra

  • BurgerSpace dependency.
  • Currently in extras.
  • Weird version numbering inherited from upstream Debian.

[edit] Asterisk

I have asterisk packages in extras-testing.

Connected to Asterisk currently running on Nokia-N900-42-11 (pid = 1692)

[edit] Asterisk Packages in Maemo extras-testing

[edit] Asterisk Bugzilla

[edit] diffmo!

ok, out of sheer frustration with missing diff utility (required by the GNU Coding Standards) I have packaged up "diffmo", which is diff, diff3, sdiff, and cmp, but renamed to diffmo, diff3mo, sdiffmo, and cmpmo. :)

[edit] colordiffmo!

colordiff - using diffmo

[edit] Mas y mas y mas

Various packages I have in maemo-testing or maemo-devel.

  • libavutil49
  • libpostproc51
  • libavdevice52
  • libavutil49
  • libavdevice52
  • libpostproc51
  • libavfilter0
  • libavformat52
  • libswscale0
  • libavcodec52
  • libavfilter0
  • portaudio19:
  • portaudio19-dev
  • libportaudio2
  • libportaudiocpp0
  • libportaudio2
  • libportaudiocpp0
  • portaudio19-doc
  • portaudio19-dev
  • guile-1.8

[edit] Packages in My Repository

I have set up a package repository. To use it you need to add my repo. In the application manager, add it thusly (I'm translating from Spanish, so the words may be slightly different.)

  • Catalog name:
  • Web address:
  • Distribution
  • Components

[edit] Packages TODO

Package these or get someone to do it.

  • some video conferencing app (telepathy-gabble), jingle etc.
  • tangogps - "an easy to use, fast and lightweight mapping application for use with or without GPS."
  • boa - lightweight webserver (cute). Using lighttpd, which seems to fit the bill already tho.
  • lshw - wants PCI stuff, so maybe won't work very well anyway. It doesn't show too much on my Sharp Netwalker.
  • gobby
  • gtg
  • icecast