[edit] Main Application Set

(Someone give me a better word for this--I'm mangling the description).

When you hit the button in the upper left corner twice you get a bunch of icons to launch applications. Odds are that this is not the exact set you wanted. Mine currently looks like this:

Custom application set
Custom application set

The default set is like this:

Default application set
Default application set

To customize your icon set, edit this file:


Then add the .desktop files for the applications you want, and remove (or comment out with <!-- foo -->) applications you don't want. See this directory to find out the name of your .desktop file: /usr/share/applications/hildon

Here is my file, as an example:

<!DOCTYPE Menu PUBLIC "-//freedesktop//DTD Menu 1.0//EN"
   <!-- Search the default locations -->
 <!--    <Filename>rtcom-call-ui.desktop</Filename> -->
 <!--    <Filename>nokia-maps.desktop</Filename> -->
 <!--    <Filename>camera-ui.desktop</Filename> -->
 <!--    <Filename>worldclock.desktop</Filename> -->
 <!--    <Filename>osso_calculator.desktop</Filename> -->
 <!--    <Filename>ovi.desktop</Filename> -->

[edit] desktop backgrounds

1 = desktop number

gconftool -s --type string /apps/osso/hildon-desktop/views/1/bg-image $PATHTOIMAGE