[edit] VNC

VNC allows you to view the screen of the N900 on your laptop so you can do things more easily that having to use the tiny little thing if you are working on it all day.

  • Set up the Extras-testing repository
  • Install x11vnc (I think it's in -testing).
  • Set up a password for VNC on on the N900:
x11vnc -storepasswd
  • Run this script on your laptop (my hostname is burger and my laptop's IP is
ssh -n user@burger \
       "x11vnc \
       -usepw \
       -display :0 \
       -desktop burger \
       -allow \
       -nolookup \
       -q \
       -bg \
       -o /home/user/vnc-log \
  • This works fine with tigervnc on Fedora 12.
  • Running x11vnc with "-ssl" does not work--I think the problem there may be with tigervnc as x11vnc starts with it OK.
  • I usually do VNC in an ssh tunnel--I don't know if this would create too much of a load on the N900 or not. Will test.
  • VNC behaves differently whether the keyboard is slid out or not. Basically, you want the keyboard out.