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deb ./

[edit] Packages in the repository

  • hebrew-keymap - Xkb configuration files for Hebrew on N900 hardware keyboard
    See Hebrew_N900 for details.
  • modified-hildon-desktop - An enhanced version of hildon-desktop.
    See Modified_Hildon_Desktop for details.
  • keyboard-shortcuts - A package that adds keyboard shortcuts for launching applications.
    See here for details.
  • longpress - A small script to enable toggle of silent mode (or offline mode) by a long press of the lock key.
  • rescue-boot - Allow recovery from reboot loops without reflash.
    See [1] for details.
  • bluetooth-dun-client - Packaging of the configuration files needed for using another phone as a modem over bluetooth DUN.
    See [2] for details.
  • kernel-modules-ppp - kernel modules necessary for ppp.
    Compiled from Nokia's kernel source with one patch.
  • libicd-network-null - a free replacement for libicd-network-dummy.
    Available in extras-devel.
  • ppp
    Available in extras-devel.
  • dbus-scripts
    Available in extras-devel

Packages that are available also in extras devel are in my repository in order to allow installation of other packages without using extras-devel for dependencies.